Consilia is a full service, integrated marketing and media agency. The company’s strength lies in its simplicity and in its team motivation skills. Consilia could be compared to a spiral, a clear and effective symbol of positive action, conveying the ideas of expansion, development, consistence and continuity. Indeed, a spiral can extend without changing its original shape.

Consilia deals with marketing operations and integrated marketing communication, that is, all the branding and selling strategies aimed at sustaining, promoting and selling the product.



To fly a bit of sawdust is not necessary genius or intelligence: it’s enough a little breath. More challenging is to create, with the head, a communication who knows how to fly high, to hit men’s heart and emotion.
The secret is all here and it’s the mission of Consilia’s persons that after so many years dedicated to the furnishings, let’s face it, a bit of sawdust maybe have it really.

Ethical Code

Consilia in the context of it’s activities and in the conduction of it’s business takes, as guiding principles, respect for the person, law and regulations. The agency’s employees and the collaborators conform to these values. The enterprise is engine of wellness for those who work. Trasparency and correctness, enhancement of ideas and talent, are essential and indespensable conditions, stands on Consilia’s ethical code.