For the communication plan
of THE ONE, Hiber chooses Consilia.


In the year of Expo, when the world is focused on food culture and nutrition sensibility, Hiber presents THE ONE: its new pentavalent chiller supported by an integrated communication strategy.

More value to contents and more strength to benefits united to four extraordinary keywords representing uniqueness, originality and a distinctiveness communication plan.

Consilia, after the extraordinary experience with the vertical cooking launching the most innovative oven on the market, has been chosen by Hiber to build up a new successful story.




Martex · WorkSpaces

The office is the place where people interact with each other and where spaces are modified and reconfigured according to the needs of those who inhabits these places.

With this project, Martex looks for functional, ergonomic and pleasant solutions because we believe that companies know that their investment in furniture has a direct impact on the quality and performance of their employees.
Work spaces become highly “focus” or highly “collaborative” areas and we increasingly need to share knowledge and experience.
“Office is the place where ideas, creativity, innovation and success become real.
From here we started to design workspaces, integrated systems that meet all the needs of the operative office.”





Martex · Timelapse Backstage Han

Ola Backstage

Venice was the setting for the photo shoot for the collection Ola by Martex.
Striking images set in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Falmec at Salone del Mobile 2014

FTK – Technology for the Kitchen.

Consilia will attend FTK and promote Falmec’s product range once again.

In 2014, Consilia will attend FTK and promote Falmec’s product range once again.
On the same occasion, in 2010, Consilia showed the state of the art acquired by Falmec, as far as efficient energy use and noise reduction are concerned, while in 2012, the company focused on the advantages of ionisation. In 2014, Consilia will concentrate on Bellaria, a new small appliance able to improve indoor air quality.
Consilia’s team has set up the exhibition stand, created an extra-large folder and realised a video to attract, intrigue and inform visitors.


Cosmoprof Worldwide 2014

Consilia will attend Cosmoprof for the first time.

For the first time Consilia took part in Cosmoprof, the most important fair for professional beauty industries. Thanks to Hsa, the world of cosmetics and, in particular, professional hair care, has caught our attention and has taken us into a whole new dimension.

At Cosmoprof, Hsa presented its new colour lines and its revolutionary Btx System formula for new antiage products.
We have dedicated ourselves to setting up photoshoots and to the realisation and implementation of new packagings and trading communication tools; a full immersion in a world where communication plays a fundamental role.



Hsa Backstage

The city of Milan was the ideal background for Hsa’s photoshoot for its new colour lines and  antiage lines.

The troupe caught the most suggestive glimpses of the Gae Aulenti Square, recently inaugurated in the Garibaldi neighbourhood.
There is a high scenic contrast between the formal rigour of the Milan square’s new skyline and Hsa’s soft and delicate hairstyles.


Record: from the original idea to its concrete realisation

With the help of a few pictures, we want to retrace the steps of the multi-layered creative process behind a photoshoot where the main character is furniture.

Brefings, contents, pluses and product quality are all related to a certain kind of photoshoot staging, aimed at identifying also the product style and mood.
From now on, we will work on the shooting space, the realisation of the core set design, the styling and the first lighting setups. The following pictures will show the stages of the whole process.